The Chrysalis Has Opened


2018 has been a year full of personal growth and transformation. I am struck by the dedication of many clients who have chosen to work very deeply on their inner struggles and at the same time, follow their truth to living a more rich and fulfilling life.

My Mequon space has been a sacred haven and I am joyous to continue sharing my gifts of Energy Body Work, such as Reiki, along with Empowerment coaching. This year I encouraged new clients to make a commitment to themselves by participating in at least three sessions for deeper transformation. What beauty we have shared!

As I continue to communicate with Spirit for all that I endeavor, I am honored to be lead to another modality for my healing practice. I am now an Ambassador selling Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil. My heart is full as this is the magical key that has been missing in Western healthcare.   

Much of the population needs correct education on what this is and how it can help improve overall health and wellness. I am honored to share with you this much needed education.

The Zilis UltraCell products I am sharing with clients, friends and family is not Marijuana. Hemp is a different plant which actually has more health benefits and no psychoactive properties. The testimonies are absolutely incredible and I have personally experienced and witnessed my very own family members improve in areas of blood pressure reduction, improved mental focus, lessened anxiety, improved sleep and much more. Can you feel my excitement?!

CBD Oil influences something within our bodies called the Endocannabinoid System which was only discovered in 1990’s, read more here. At one time it was thought that only cannabis could influence these receptors, now it is scientifically known that CBD Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp, fills all of these receptors throughout our brain, spine, all of our organs, muscles and much more.

Please keep an eye out for more opportunities to learn and heal with this advancement of care offered right here, close to you!

Donna Stelter