Let the beauty that you love be what you do.
— rumi

A profound teacher cannot share wisdom unless they have also experienced deep trauma and suffering in their life.  Wisdom does not come from books but true unfolding of one's dharma, or life's purpose. I have followed my dharma to embrace the life which fills my soul completely and I unconditionally share my passion for life with my dear clients.

I hold many titles: Registered Nurse, Empowerment Life Coach, Riki Master, Intuitive Energy Healer, Wife, Mother... My experiences with each of those titles have brought me closer to understanding that my life's purpose, my passion, is to work closely with my clients and assist them with diving deeply into the root causes creating an imbalance in their lives. My work has allowed me to care for children and adults stricken with cancer, and I continue to work as a hospice nurse today. 

I am grateful to have lived in India to enrich my life with deep spiritual connection and practices, and truly live a meditative life each day. My love of running and endurance sports has enriched my wisdom of setting goals and reaching them (one of those being a joyful finish of the Ironman Wisconsin in 2008). I am thankful to balance my work as a healer, hospice nurse, mother of two and wife of over 24 years.


Kind Words From Clients

I have been seeing Donna as a yoga instructor, meditation coach and Reiki master for several years. I have had a drastic improvement in stress and anxiety as a result of working with her. She is truly one of the kindest most compassionate people I have ever known and is incredibly gifted. She is so generous with her knowledge and healing energy.
— Alice F,
Left feeling more balanced and calm. I miss when I can’t visit. I was a bit skeptical and wondered what reiki could do for me. But it’s not just about physical pain, it’s a whole self practice.
— Charlene R.
I’ve been experiencing some severe stress and anxiety over the last few years that was even more heightened recently due to a dire health diagnosis in our family. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I needed to do something. Donna’s amazing insight helped to zero in on my situation and her work has immediately helped to calm my angst and keep me centered. My sessions with her have been beyond meaningful. I honestly didn’t know what Reiki was prior to meeting Donna/One Healing Heart, but her kind, caring and practical approach has improved my life immensely. I am so delighted to have incorporated this practice (and Donna) into my life.
— Susan F. Mikulay